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PG Josip Žmegač

Pumpkin and crops production

About us

About us

PG Josip Žmegač is a small family farm that together with the production of various cereals deals with pumpkin production and its preparation to black salad oil (90% pumpkin seed and 10% sunflower oil) and is well known to everyone, Varaždin’s pumpkin seed oil (100% pumpkin seeds).

We always try to improve our products from the sowing phase to the processing phase so that you, our consumers, will be more satisfied.

In our small economy, we are always in agreement, we share and share the strengths of the whole family, we improve our products and improve our products. Every member of our family, from 72 to 9 years of age, participates in some way. Our guideline is the common desire to always improve and extend production in a certain way.

The ultimate goal of our economy is that you, our customers, are happy with the products and always happy to return.

You can always contact us or visit us and ask for a bottle of Varaždin’s uniwque oil only for you.


Vinogradska ulica 14,
Donje Vratno 42207
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"PG Josip Žmegač offers you the high quality and simplicity of Varaždin's pumpkin seed oil."

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