Owner: Hrvoje Gregurić

Povrće Grga

Vegetable cultivation and sales

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location of the residence Velika Kosnica 44m,
Velika Gorica 10410
Zagreb and surroundingsSee map
T +385 1 623 2110
M +385 98 816 874
E grga.povrce@gmail.com

13 Ha

Cultivated land

O,6 Ha Natkrivene
12,4 Ha Otvorene
About us

About us

Vegetables Grga j.d.o.o. company was founded in 2013. as a logical sequence in family vegetable production.

The beginnings of production date back to the 60’s of the last century, when the first salad, carrot, parsley, cabbage and kale were planted on a small surface near Zagreb. Throughout the years, the family business is expanding, the land is growing, the production moves to Velika Gorica, but very close to Zagreb. Production is now under 13 ha of land, of which 6 000 m2 is in protected areas (greenhouses).

Our greatest advantage is knowledge and experience in production as well as very short time from harvest to delivery of goods to large chains and buyers / processors. With its close family members, the company employs around ten seasonal workers.

We pay special attention to the health of the food, respect the rules of the profession and adhere to the strict instructions of the Ministry of Agriculture in the use of plant protection products.

Our customers’ satisfaction with our products in the chains is our mission


The quality, the health of the product and the customer's satisfaction are our principles, that is what motivates us to be better every day in the business we are dealing with
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