Owner: Jurica Cafuk

PPP Jurica Cafuk

Vegetables and seedlings production

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location of the residence Glavna 27,
Domitrovec 42205
Varaždin countySee map
M +385 98 268 550
E juricacafuk27@gmail.com

120 Ha

Cultivated land

About us

About us

We have been farming for more than a few decades (fourth generation).
We have the production of the seeds of  Varazdin cabbage,  up to the sour cabbage.
The whole family is engaged in agriculture.
We have won the best OPG award from the Večernji list.
You can visit us at our address and contact the listed numbers.





Fairs: Zimnica, Zeljarijada.

Awards: Aword of County for the contribute reputation for the County in Croatia and World. Best OPG Večernjeg lista.

NGO: P.Z. Varaždinsko povrće, Udruga Zeljari, Udruga Orači varaždinske županije, Udruga Bučino ulje.


"Respect the tradition, think innovatively."
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