Owner: Mićo i Marjan Martić


Production, procurement, packaging and distribution of fruits and vegetables

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location of the residence Velika Kosnica 26/K,
Velika Gorica 10410
Zagreb and surroundingsSee map
T +385 1 623 2105
M +385 99 704 0456 - Marjan
E vegamil@vegamil.hr

5 Ha

Cultivated land

About us

About us

Dear clients and visitors, we are pleased to present you our company Vega Mil d.o.o. domestic production, which deals with the supply, packaging and distribution of fruits and vegetables throughout Croatia.
The company was founded in 2009., headed by Mr. Mićo Martić, and with the purchase center Velika Kosnica it offers direct and quick access to quality and fresh products of Croatian fields, gardens, orchards and greenhouses. In the desire to expand range, Vega Mil d.o.o. opens a purchase center in Polača.
We are proud of the constant advancement of knowledge and the ability of our professional staff as well as everyday investments in the latest technical solutions to ensure optimal quality for the end users.
Our partners recognize us as a key supplier focusing on the constant cooperation and trust through a long-standing tradition.
We emphasize that in our range all kinds of goods are always available, which is within the season, with emphasis on ginger, which we are a proud importer for the Croatian market.

Cultivation and packing

On 2.5 hectares of cultivated areas, we grow raspberries, which you can buy in retail chains.

We pack batat, ginger, parsley root, parsley leaf, carrots and peppers

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Our partners recognize us as a key supplier and manufacturer
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