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VIKSI d.o.o.

Production of fresh handmade pasta

About us

About us

VIKSI d.o.o. is engaged in the production of fresh hand-drawn dough for pie strudels and baklava, as well as other pasta products.

The craft was opened by parents 30 years ago. The specificity of production is that all our products are without preservatives and additives.

We recommend customers to try our products to taste the tradition.

Visit us

Visit us at the market where you can buy our products in the store on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7 to 12.

Viksi interview

Customers are increasingly looking for food products that do not contain any additives or additives that, among other things, can keep food fresh for a long time. Preference is also given to the traditional approach to production, “the way our grandmothers worked.” This is not surprising, because the differences in manual and machine preparation of food products are becoming more visible. The fact is that in today’s time of increased demand, manufacturers are increasingly opting for machine production which can “throw out” more products in a shorter time at a lower price, but there are still those who prefer quality over quantity.

One such manufacturer is the Vinkovci-based company Viksi, whose products we have been enjoying for about 30 years, and their pie and strudel crusts, thanks to national shopping centres, are now known and recognized in the rest of Croatia and even abroad. And it is precisely the traditional way of working and production, with of course excellent quality, that is the main reason for the company’s recognition.

“Thirty years ago, my parents opened the Viksi business. First, it was the production of juices, then the production of bread, and together with bread they started other activities. Then the idea was born to produce hand-drawn dough, ie crust for strudels and baklava”, Danijela Serenčeš, owner of Viksi, started the story.

Today, the company employs 15 employees in production, who, in addition to crusts, also makes a number of other products by hand, such as dots, grinders, puff pastry, crempita crusts … products for retail chains by weekly orders.

“Our first large retail chain with which we started cooperation was Plodine, and there are also Konzum, Boso, and Spar, which offers our products in Croatia and Slovenia. Spar is a continuation of the cooperation we started with Getro, later Metro, Mercator and It is difficult to find products without preservatives and additives on Croatian shelves today, as well as hand-made ones, which is our great advantage”, Serenčeš points out.

However, apart from shopping malls, the people of Vinkovci have been able to purchase Viksi’s bark, as well as their other products, for many years at the Vinkovci City Market. And as their quality is not only recognized in Croatia and Slovenia, the best evidence is the fact that Vinkovci crusts could soon be found on store shelves in Germany. Cooperation with retail chains, in addition to numerous advantages, also has disadvantages. One of them is the fact that large stores sometimes have even higher earnings than the manufacturer himself.

“We are often compared to machine-made crusts, which are much lower in production and contain preservatives. In our country, the dough is stretched by hand, then rolled over a heated roller, but retains moisture, which makes it very elastic. Machine-made sheets are dried. so they crack and break, and our crusts just crumple, because they are made with different techniques. So these are completely different products, but when forming the price, this is not taken into account as much as it should be”, explains Serenčeš.

But despite the shortcomings, retail chains provide some security, both to Victoria and to other manufacturers. Today, most of the production of the Vinkovci company’s bark depends on large stores, which order their products every week. And a good product, no matter where it comes from, is quickly recognized. This is what satisfied consumers from all over Croatia call them and ask where they can get Viksija bark because they want their product, which speaks for itself, that is, it is the best advertisement for itself.

“Many traditional dishes can be made from our crusts, but our customers are quite inventive. Among others, we were contacted by a chef originally from Albania who has lived in Zagreb for many years and I have been making my own crusts all this time. tried our crusts, uses only them and devises and prepares dishes that I would never think could be prepared. The idea is not lacking, and with our crusts, sweet and savoury specialities can be made with quality”, Serenčeš points out.

At the local level, Viksi products have been recognizable for many years, and now it is the same in the rest of Croatia. The goal is to work further on further enlargement in Croatia, but also to complete negotiations with the German market, and if possible, increase exports, because there is no lack of quality and ideas.



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Viksi - the quality taste of tradition without additives

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