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Processing of fruit into fruit wines, liqueurs, brandies, jams and jams

About us

About us

VILA VOĆARICA started the fruit production business in 1996, by raising blackberry plantations. To date, we have technically completely equipped the entire process of fruit wine production from plantations to bottles. The packaging is fine and aesthetically finished with interesting labels.

Our sole intention was to start producing fruit wines, primarily blackberry wine. Later, with the acquisition of knowledge and the development of the brand, we introduced the production of raspberries and cherries, exclusively for the production of fruit wines. The family farm today has four able-bodied members. In total, we have planted an orchard with an area of ​​about 2 ha, of which 50% is under blackberries, and the rest are other fruit species; plum, apricot, pear, raspberry, and cherry. I sell a good part of the harvest as fresh fruit in season, and we process the remaining amount on our farm into wine, liqueurs, brandies, jams, and marmalades. In the plantation and the production itself, we are guided by the principles of good agricultural practice.

A special feature of our farm is the painting of glass packaging in which we fill liqueurs and fruit wines. We offer hand-painted bottles as gifts and souvenirs. We are present in numerous pubs and wine shops along the Adriatic coast. Our fruit wines have been repeatedly speculated about the quality of the products. Buyers and consumers have recognized the quality and innovation in terms of souvenirs and gift packaging. We managed to combine artistic expression and a quality product into an interesting solution for a unique gift and souvenir. Painting bottles according to your wishes and needs, personalized gifts.

Visit us

Visit us – As part of the family farm, we have arranged and equipped a small “village shop” or gift shop where we offer to taste all the products we produce on our farm.


Sales on the shop doorstep, fairs and events throughout Croatia, souvenir shops, wine shops.

Awards won: Gold and silver diplomas for quality




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