Who we are

Who are we?
VeeMee is the first Croatian digital platform in the agricultural and trading sector where consumers can find out all about the origin of the products they buy.
How to find out the origin of the product?
By scanning the QR code of the product, every consumer equipped with a smartphone can access profiles on our platform that contain all relevant information about the origin of the product, its manufacturer, certificates, capacities and distributors.
What is a PID?
Neutral origin label containing food traceability information from producers through purchasers and distributors to the final consumer. The tag refers to the manufacturer’s identity profile, i.e. the PID profile on the VeeMee platform. So far, our PIDs have been implemented on more than 1,500,000 neutral origin markers, providing origin data for more than 4,500 tons of fresh goods. The platform currently has more than 1,200 growers covering more than 20,000 ha of land, and has been accessed by more than 20,000 different users from 720 cities in 105 countries. You can sign up for your own VeeMee PID under “Join us”.

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