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Ludbreg horseradish

About us

About us

In the area of ​​northwestern Croatia, more precisely in the wider area of ​​the town of Ludbreg, horseradish has been grown for over 40 years.

The quality variety “Ludbreški hren” was grown with a quality selection of planting material, and the carrier and organizer of production has been the company Agro Altera for many years.

The company is engaged in one-year production on open agricultural areas by planting horseradish in the spring, and we extract it from the ground in late autumn.

We conclude a sales contract with the buyer and guarantee the complete delivery of the requested and agreed quantity of fresh Ludbreg horseradish root.

In the range of finished products, we can offer a total of 5 types of Grated Ludbreg horseradish in jars, which, with the addition of fruits and vegetables, we have created a fantastic taste. All products can be stored at room temperature because they are not sauces but pure grated horseradish with and without additives.

We are present in almost the entire market of the Republic of Croatia and we are looking for a business partner to place our products on foreign markets.


EUVITA Cluster za ruralni razvoj i poduzetništvo


our customers:

Kaufland, Lonia, Braća Pivac, TP Varaždin;


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Varaždin county

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Agro Altera - preserved variety "Ludbreg horseradish"
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