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Anđela obrt za poljoprivredu, usluge i trgovinu

Production and processing of lemongrass

About us

About us

We are producers of lemongrass. We have been intensively engaged in production for the last 8 years. From this noble plant, we have several quality products such as juices and syrup. Lemongrass juice – chokeberry (aronia), lemongrass juice – apple, lemongrass juice – marasca cherry. Syrup lemongrass – chokeberry (aronia), syrup lemongrass – marasca cherry. Our goal is to encourage people to consume healthy products.


Geneva, Nuremberg, Warsaw, Santa Clara, Istanbul, Kuwait, Croatia


8 world medals

By consuming juice every day, we take in the necessary vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the normal function of the body.
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