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Standard of source and origin

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About us

About us

VeeMee d.o.o. company was founded in 2017. at the Commercial Court in Zagreb. The founders of the company are Marko Kozjak and Nikola Vido, and the name of the company is defined in the context of the Vi – Mi relationship, where Vi – market participants, and Mi – VeeMee, a company that provides transparent and relevant information among market participants.

The company is engaged in business and service consulting, but we are open to cooperation in various areas. The purpose of the VeeMee platform is to enable and improve the visibility of farmers in the final consumer and to promote the origin and authenticity of agricultural products. For this purpose, we have created a PID (Personal Identity) of the manufacturer, which is the standardization of relevant information on the agricultural producer.

The PID consists of basic information on the producer, breeding cultures and the text of the producer so that the end consumer will get acquainted with the farmer more closely.

In the long run, PID will become a new form of standardization of all the information that is needed for end users and anyone who wants to collaborate in a transparent, innovative and professional way

Join us

Contact us by phone or email.

After the agreement on cooperation, it is necessary to submit data to create the PID within the VeeMee platform.

When a PID is created, we send you a link to check the data and possibly want to change something.

Then we send you a three-size design QR code that you can easily print


ISO 22000
Croatian Farmer Products
Croatian Eco Product



"Standard of business, source and origin
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