What Impact can a Startup have?

25. March 2019. Nikola Vido

What Impact can a Startup have?

We are a Startup that started with Food Traceability…and ended up with Food Wastage and Logistic…are we making full cycle of goods, are we making change or impact? – or just we are one step ahead and working on first Crowdfunding platform for Agriculture?


“…Let’s talk about it” – numbers:

Boring, again? Sounds like MGK VS E….

1.3b tons of food goes to waste every year! That is 1/3 of the total food produced in the world.

What are we producing, who is producing, where it is produced, what is going to waste?

Which amounts to wasting 400$bn dollars!

Really, somebody pays for that and that waste it? OMG

In retail, most people would think disease or rotten food would be the primary wastage problem, some kind of QC (Quality control) issues.

Yes, I am thinking that, don’t want to pay for something that can’t even pass QC of retail! – so every Retail has independent QC? – Nice!

But that is only in 30% of the cases.

What can be the rest?

Reality is that remaining 70% is due to wrong labeling, broken boxes, broken EU pallets and other nonfood related reasons.

Hm…really? – is it? Who is checking this? Probably QC and some warehouse manager?

To tackle FW (food wastage), we created VeeMee – an online marketplace platform that connects local farmers, suppliers and retailers.

What Impact can a Startup have? - VeeMee



They tackle FW, nice 😊…connecting who? They must charge this?

We offer optimal logistics and storage services – which covers loading and unloading, quality control and label checking.

And all others do? – google: “loading and unloading, quality control and label in Croatia and Slovenia”; Hm…nothing useful, but I could find something

A service to reduce food wastage by reselecting, reorganizing, relabeling and then redirecting returned food to retail, outlets and wholesale markets. All good are prepared as I and II class to provide best market and price for it – and with all that reduce food wastage.

I am eating reselected goods? – am I ok? – but I pay for its full price

And active consulting – to empower the local farmer and supplier

They make money on this, are they?

In VeeMee we focus on the full cycle:

…oh, the story of cycle of life? – or this is something else

We reselect, reorganize, relabel and finally enable transport and storage for all the food that was returned not only because of disease or food being rotten, but also for being mismanaged.

They do what? – with food

How do we do it? Delivered goods that need to be recalled, are sent to our warehouse, we reselect, relabel and reorganize the goods and either return them or find a new use case for them, which in the end the end consumers receive.

Simple, they just showed Business Model to us, everybody can use it. Can we?

In the past 6 months VeeMee serviced 500t of goods, 80t out of that were supposed to be wasted, because of previous mentioned reasons. We ended up wasting only 5t.

Nice, they have done something.

Which was only possible because of our traceability procedures we implemented – more precisely using producer identity tags – PID. By introducing them we empowered the local farmer while also providing transparency to the end consumer.

We have labels, but who is reading them? Should we read it? Or this is some digital, that we click on?

Because of this, combined with our platform, farmers sell quicker, better and more, and end consumers now know what they are buying and more importantly where it came from.

They are making some money on it? Are they, or it is free?

And our early adopters recognized this…. And those 80t we saved are only a fraction of what we can do, as the current addressable market is 50mil.

Who is supporting them? Can I support this? How?

Call us!

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