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Traditional production of Ilok brandy and many types of fruit brandies and liqueurs

About us

About us

The family farm deals with

– traditional production of Ilok brandy and many types of fruit brandies and liqueurs (13 types)

– wine production

– catering services: Accommodation services (Rural holiday house with two double rooms) and wine bar/tasting room, services of preparation and serving of food, drinks and beverages

– tasting and tasting of wine and brandy in the wine shop and brandy tasting room.

OPG Barbarić started operating in 2004 when only distillation was performed on an old cauldron. We have 3 ha of vineyards and about 1000 trees of various fruits. The whole family is involved in all the work. In 2005, the “AROMAT” distillation device was procured, which greatly improved the production, quality and quantity of brandy.

After a year, we started decorating the tasting room, which was a complete success. The guests are delighted with the decoration itself, as well as with our service, which is a great progress for us. It is difficult to achieve one level in a small town that would satisfy every guest, but we managed it. The tasting room has a capacity for 50 people, and within the same two accommodation units (double). Our market is mostly on the “doorstep”, and also a recommendation from satisfied guests. We do not have markets in Europe (for now), it is mostly the domestic market in the whole of Croatia (restaurants, restaurants, cafes, etc.).

We believe that our family greatly contributes to our community for the development of rural tourism, and that is primarily the arrival of a larger number of guests, which we send to other tourist destinations in our city.

A large number of awards:

  1. International evaluation of brandy in Novi Sad: gold medal for TRAMINKA brandy
  2. Gold and silver medals (several times) for Graševina wine
  3. Numerous awards
  4. Golden Charter for the best family farm in the Republic of Croatia for 2017
  5. Gold medal for old Ilok brandy (2021)


Ulica Vladimira Nazora 25b,
Ilok 32236
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Owner: Berislav Barbarić




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