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OPG Braičić

Breeding of Croatian hens and retail production of eggs, breeding of black Slavonian pigs, and production of cereals

About us

About us

OPG Braičić is engaged in the cultivation of Croatian hens and the production of eggs at retail, breeding black Slavonian pigs and crossbreeds of duroc pigs, great yokšir and landrace, and the production of cereals.

All members of the Braičić family (Branka, Sara, Đuro, Ivan, and Saša) work on the family farm. The family farm was opened in 2009 when it started producing cereals for its own needs and raising pigs. It is located in Tanac, in the municipality of Jasenovac, and is located between the rivers Sava and Una. There is no industry within a radius of 50 km, so this area boasts clean air and land.

In 2014, we started breeding Croatian coca and black Slavonian pigs. Our specificity is that we produce all the necessary animal feed on our own farm. Animals are fed in the traditional way, without stimulants, chemistry, hormones …

We use all our products for our own needs, which is another reason to be natural and healthy.

We deliver Croatian hen eggs to the area of ​​the city of Zagreb on the doorstep, at work, or by agreement with the customer. We want to offer our customers a homemade product consumed by our grandparents.

Contact us

Mobile phone – Saša Braičić – +385 97 796 4280

Visit us

You can visit OPG Braičić at Tanac 57a, 44324 Jasenovac and see for yourself the quality and method of production of our products.

OPG Braičić produces natural, healthy, and traditional for you.

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