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OPG Mario Papec

Cultivation of vegetables and cereals

About us

About us

OPG Papec Mario is engaged in the cultivation of potatoes, cabbage (cabbage, kale), lettuce, peppers and the cultivation of cereals (corn, barley, wheat).

All family members work on the family farm and seasonal workers are employed as needed.

We have been engaged in intensive production since 2003, when we have been constantly improving, striving to improve the work on the economy by following new technologies and at the same time increase production areas, in order to maintain quality and remain as competitive as possible on the market.

Message to customers: Try our products and see for yourself their quality.


The mission of the family farm is the recognizability of our products and the satisfaction of all our customers.


The vision is to position the family farm on the Croatian market.

Contact us

You can contact us on mobile numbers 098 182 2622, 099 516 0783 or via e-mail: boris.papec@gmail.com every working day.


The family has been cooperating for many years with the “Plodine” retail chain.





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We find motivation for the production of vegetable and field crops in the satisfaction of our customers

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