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OPG Šestak Zdenko

Cultivation of cereals, dairy cows, pigs and spelt and production of spelt flour

About us

About us

The family farm is located in Šestak Brdo in the Municipality of Pokupsko. The cultivation of cereals, dairy cows and pigs began 60 years ago when Imbro Šestak started agricultural production on his farm. The cultivation of cereals at that time was mainly used for feeding cattle. Today, the family farm is run by his son Zdenko, who grows cereals for commercial purposes.

In order to preserve the tradition, flavours and aromas, we have intensified the cultivation of real spelt, the seeds of which we have preserved and nurtured for generations. Integral spelt flour is ideal for making homemade bread. You can also make perfect cakes and other delicacies from it throughout the year, which will further enrich your table and health.

Every bread is good to eat but spelt flour is eaten with pleasure. Our wish and your pleasure are to choose wholemeal flour from OPG Šestak.

Meet and try real spelt flour. Homemade and delicious. We guarantee!

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