Owner: Mario Cafuk

P.G. Mario Cafuk

Growing vegetables

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location of the residence Varaždinska ulica 152,
Nedeljanec 42205
Varaždin countySee map

14 Ha

Cultivated land

0,2 Ha Greenhouse
About us

About us

The OPG exists since 2008., we have continued in our parents footsteps and we are constantly increasing, improving production and modernising the technology.

Our goal is to have a decent life from agriculture and to ensure existence to our children.

Our sales are happening at the doorstep.


Our partners:

Membership in associations: PZ Varaždinsko povrće, Zeljar Association, Association Ludbreški rozetlin, Association of Varazdin bučino ulje.


"Our sales are happening at the doorstep."
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