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OPG Rahela Grgić


About us

About us

OPG Rahela Grgić because of their great love for bees and their fascinating and very interesting life, started to pursue this profession. After a lot of learning, work and effort, we managed to achieve a significant production of honey and other bee products, and produce a top product for you.

Our family, in addition to the effort and care for bee communities in our apiary, is active in scientific and professional training to make our products as good and high quality as possible.

We have recognized the quality and value of bee products and we try to turn them into a product according to the needs and requirements of our customers.

The diverse flora of Croatia helps us in this and we produce these types of honey: acacia, chestnut, linden, oilseed rape, sunflower, amorphous, and flower. We also produce propolis, pollen, royal jelly, and many different honey preparations.

Because of our love for bees, we bought a property in the Lonjsko polje Nature Park and moved most of our bees there so that from now on we can offer you, honey, from the heart of nature.

In addition to the nutritional properties of bee products, their beneficial effect on human skin is also significant and they have proven to be excellent preparations for the care and treatment of numerous skin conditions.

That is why, in addition to bee products, we have introduced a line of natural cosmetics based on honey and other products in beekeeping. All cosmetics are handmade, without added preservatives and fragrances.

All ingredients are from our apiary and natural additives without artificial colors and with natural essential oils.

How to get our products?

You can buy all our products at the address Kratečko 138, 44203 Gušće, on our doorstep and we also send by mail throughout Croatia and abroad and we deliver for larger quantities in the city of Sisak and Zagreb.

Croatian Farmer Products
Honey of Croatian apiaries


  • Certificate “Honey of Croatian apiaries”
  • Certificate “Croatian Farmer Products”
  • Certificate “Apitherapy – counseling on the proper use of bee products (trained by the Croatian Apitherapy Society)

We cooperate with several health food stores in Zagreb, Omiš and Split.

Exhibitions: We regularly exhibit at exhibitions throughout Croatia

Fairs: We visit fairs in Zagreb, Vinkovci

Awards won: Many gold medals at international competitions in the quality of honey and bee products

Membership in associations/cooperatives: Member of the Croatian Beekeepers ‘Association, Member of the Sisak Beekeepers’ Association

The bees of the Grgić family diligently collect honey for you in natural areas without intensive agriculture, away from roads and any source of pollution. No processing, pure, raw honey, straight from the hive into a jar ready for you!
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